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Race to Make a Difference 2002 Photos

Joseph C. Monastra Race to Make a Difference 2002

On Saturday, September 21,2002 in Hudson Ohio, the Monastra Family hosted their First Annual Joseph C. Monastra Race to Make A Difference for Pancreatic Cancer Research. The participants had the option to chose from a 5K run or a 1mile walk, with nearly 250 registered participants, and over 30 volunteers. We were honored with guest speakers, such as Hudson's City Manager, Michael Morton, Congressman Tom Sawyer, and Dr. Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue from Johns Hopkins. Their presence alone was a tribute to Joseph and the cause we are helping to champion.

Our sponsors, need mention for without them this event would not have been the success that it was: Ross Products, I.J. Kim Martial Arts, Spectrum Surgical Instruments, Moen Inc., Advanced Health Systems, Inc., Western Reserve Printing, and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). All corporate contributions were donated directly to Johns Hopkins University in the Joseph C. Monastra Fund, earmarked for pancreas cancer research.

Participants were from all ages, 5 and younger to 60 and over. The top runner, Tommy Noyes of North Canton Ohio, finished with a time of 16:37. An amazing finish. Two of Joe's grandchildren, Jason and Tyler Saunders finished 1st in their age bracket, beating their own personal records.

The Sponsors and "Day of Race" Donators were amazing. Distallata donated gallons and gallons of water; Clif Bar/Luna Bar donated nutrition bars, with pastries and bagels coming from Brueggers Bagels, Panera, & Krispy Kreme Donuts; Acme, the local grocery store out-did-themselves, supplying tons of fruit and water; CVS donated all the goodie bags and filled them with products; Step2 donated play yard equipment to keep all the children occupied while teenagers from the Hudson High School volunteered to do face painting. One of our major sponsors, I.J. Kim Martial Arts brought their Nationally Recognized Team of Athletes to entertain all with amazing skills, such as, cement block breaking, board breaking, self defense demo, and much more. Another sponsor, Ross Products, the makers of Ensure and Prosure (a new supplemental drink especially designed for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation), came in from Columbus to spend the weekend and set up a display at the event and made themselves available to answer questions and offer advise. It truly was a family event.

D.J.'s - Terry Swanson (son-in-law) and Mike Talbot (friend of family), well let's just say they kept things lively!!!!

We are immensely grateful and blessed beyond any words of gratitude, because what we have discovered, beyond the grasp of this "Silent Killer" we all know as Pancreas Cancer, is a true sense of hope and commitment - from the families championing the cause, to those bright, talented, and energetic doctors and scientists committed to making a difference at Johns Hopkins University. Some day with the continued support and commitment we too will be Racing for the Cure.

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God Bless, love and hope.
The Family of Joseph C. Monastra