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What's New 2018

Significant Basic Science and Clinical Advances!

Two nice papers on pancreatic cancer were published today. One in Nature by Alvin Makohon-Moore and colleagues and the other in Cancer Discovery by Aguirre and colleagues. The study in Nature highlights basic science advances, and the study in Cancer Discovery clinical advances. In the Nature paper the authors, which include the team from Hopkins, combined genetic sequencing with the mathematics used by evolutionary biologists to show that small precancerous lesions in the pancreas can spread within the ducts (tubes) of the pancreas creating multifocal precancerous lesions, some of which can then progress to invasive cancer. This study is important because it establishes a firmer scientific basis for early detection and prevention of pancreatic cancer.
In the paper in Cancer Discovery, the authors also used genetic sequencing. They analyzed a series of 71 pancreatic cancers and found that two of the cancers had unique genetic mutations (BRAF gene deletions) that made the cancers uniquely susceptible to specific drugs (MAPK pathway inhibitors). This paper adds to the growing body of evidence that suggests that in a small minority of patients sequencing their pancreatic cancer may provide patient-specific therapeutic targets (individualized medicine).

- September 2018

Hope for High-Risk Individuals

In an advance on-line publication in the journal Gastroenterology Dr. Marcia Canto and colleagues in the Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center report on a research study in which they screened and followed 354 people who were at high-risk of developing pancreatic cancer because they carried a gene or because they had a strong familiy history of pancreatic cancer. 14 of the people screened developed pancreatic cancer in the 16 years of the study. 9 of the ten who had their cancer detected by screening had surgically resectable pancreatic cancer, and 85% of these patients with pancreatic cancer were alive at three years. These findings provide hope for the early detection of pancreatic cancer in high-risk individuals. Dr. Canto and her team have helped form an international consortium to establish best practices for high-risk individuals across the world.

- June 2018

Think Tank

The 2018 Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Think Tank was a wonderful success! The think tank, which focused on artificial intelligence, brought together the top scientists, mathematicians and experts in pancreatic cancer from around the world. Great people sharing new ideas and new approaches. The way science should be! Wonderfully exciting!

Think Tank 2018

Think Tank 2018

Think Tank 2018

Think Tank 2018

- April 2018

Art Creates Cures

Art Creates Cures

Inspired by his own battle with pancreatic cancer, art entrepreneur Budi Tek was moved to establish the Art Creates Cures Foundation (ACC) to give those diagnosed with this deadly disease every possible chance. Joining together with partners Sotheby's, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, the goal of ACC is to raise funds to support the development of an innovative "early detection test" as well as a cure for pancreatic cancer. ACC's goal is to support research that advances the understanding of the biology of the disease, translates this new knowledge into better patient care, and in so doing, improves the lives of patients living with pancreatic cancer.

To kick off fundraising for this worthy cause, Art Creates Cures will present the premier annual Art Creates Cures Charity Gala and Auction on Wednesday, 28 March, 2018 to launch the foundation. The inaugural event of the newly established non-profit foundation will take place at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. Bringing together leaders in the art and science communities, the foundation aims to accelerate and transform cancer research by uniting the creativity and ingenuity of artists and that of biomedical scientists. The gala will allow guests to support pancreatic cancer research through their financial contributions as well as give them the opportunity to bid on unique experiences. Contemporary artworks donated by collectors and such world-renowned artists as Zhang Huan, Hu Junjun, Xu Bing, Zhao Bandi, Yang Fudong, among others, will be sold as part of the Sotheby's 2018 Spring Sale with the proceeds also supporting Johns Hopkins' fight against pancreatic cancer.

Art Creates Cures Charity Gala and Auction
For more information about ACC, please contact Justine Alexandria at or visit

- March 2018