The Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center

Farewell to Randy Pausch

Dr. Randy Pauch

Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture"

On behalf of the many members of the Sol Goldman Research Team, we wish to extend our condolences to the Family and Friends of Randy Pausch. Randy understood the seriousness of advanced pancreatic cancer as well as the challenges and the realities that he and many others with this cancer must face. Through his initial desire to share his wisdom and his experiences to his wife and children, he managed to speak for many of these same patients and share his message of living a fulfilled life to the world. Randy clearly had an amazing gift of clarity and purpose and generously gave of his time to speak to Congress and others about the critical nature of basic science and clinical research as the mechanism to better understand this cancer and ultimately find better treatments for pancreatic cancer.

We remain committed in our mission to identify how pancreas cancer develops and grows with the goal in the end that we will be able to develop better treatments for this cancer so others will not have to go through what Randy and so many others had/have to do. We think this will be how our group can best honor the memory of Randy.