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Autoimmune Disease Research Center

Patrizio P. Caturegli, M.D.

Primary Appointment in Pathology; Joint Appointment in Molecular Microbiology & Immunology (BSPH)
Member, Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine; Member, Graduate Program in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (BSPH); Member, Graduate Program in Pathobiology

My laboratory studies autoimmune diseases of the endocrine glands, with particular focus on those affecting the thyroid and pituitary. The lab has shown that transgenic mice expressing interferon-gamma specifically in the thyroid gland develop a metaplastic transformation of the thyrocyte resembling the human Hürthle cell, a cell characteristically found in Hashimoto thyroiditis. This transformation depends upon the overexpression of the immunoproteasome, in particular of its LMP2 subunit. The lab is now evaluating the efficacy of new immunoproteasome inhibitors for the treatment of Hürthle cell lesions. In the pituitary model, studies have led to the development of a mouse model of autoimmune hypophysitis, a model that the lab is using to explore two aspects relevant for the human condition. The first one is the identification of the pituitary antigens recognized by the immune system in patients with hypophysitis. The second one is the recently reported association between hypophysitis and treatments used in patients with cancer to block T cell inhibitory signals, such as CTLA-4.

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