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Molecular Pathology

James R. Eshleman, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Pathology; Secondary Appointment in Oncology; Associate Director of Molecular Diagnostics Lab

Dr. Eshleman has been Associate Director of the Molecular Diagnostics Lab since 1997. In addition to signing out clinical assays, he has actively participated in test development. Drs. Lee and Eshleman reported a method to quantify T-cell clonality (1), and Dr. Dwight Oliver and he were the first to report that SNPs could be used for bone marrow engraftment analysis (2). He and Dr. Berg reported a case of accidental transmission of a T-cell lymphoma during bone marrow transplantation (3). Dr. Chanjuan Shi and he invented a strategy for ultrasensitive detection of point mutations (4). Dr. Kathy Murphy and he invented a method to simultaneously PCR amplify and Sanger sequence DNA (5). Finally, Drs. Guoli Chen, Mathew Olson and Eshleman wrote software to help analyze complex pyrosequencing results. He has been active in validating next-generation sequencing (NGS) for the clinical lab, in collaboration with Drs. Ming-Tseh Lin and Chris Gocke. Dr. Eshleman also runs a research laboratory, focused on pancreatic cancer. He has been active in the areas of drug discovery and familial predisposition gene discovery. In 2008, Drs. Vogelstein and Eshleman, in addition to many other collaborators, published whole exome sequencing of 24 pancreatic cancers to identify core pathways affected in pancreatic adenocarcinoma. He also helped to discover Palb2 and ATM as familial pancreatic predisposition genes.

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