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Email frodrig4@jhmi.edu
Phone (443) 287-6646

Fausto J. Rodriguez, M.D.

Primary Appointment in Pathology; Secondary Appointment in Oncology

My clinical and research interests focus on the identification of diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic biomarkers in primary brain tumors. My current research activities aim to characterize molecular changes and signaling pathway alterations associated with the development of pediatric gliomas, as well as phenotypic characterization of murine models of CNS neoplasia. As part of a multidisciplinary effort, one of my main goals is to integrate classic histopathologic analyses with current ancillary and molecular data obtained through immunohistochemistry, microarray profiling, molecular cytogenetics, and genomic sequencing.


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Rodriguez EF, Scheithauer BW, Giannini C, Rynearson A, Cen L, Hoesley B, Gilmer-Flynn H, Sarkaria JN, Jenkins S, Long J, Rodriguez FJ. PI3K/AKT Pathway Alterations are Associated With Clinically Aggressive and Histologically Anaplastic Subsets of Pilocytic Astrocytoma. Acta Neuropathol 2011;121:407-20.

Rodriguez FJ, Orr B, Ligon K, Eberhart CG. Neoplastic cells are a rare component in human glioblastoma microvasculature. Oncotarget 2012;3:98-106.


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