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Syed Z. Ali, M.D., FRCPath, FIAC

Director, Division of Cytopathology;
Primary Appointment in Pathology;
Secondary Appointment in Radiology

Fine needle aspiration (FNA) has a widely recognized and established role as the initial diagnostic modality in most neoplastic and inflammatory disorders of the viscera and soft tissues. My major interest is focused on clinico-morphologic studies primarily based on FNA of thyroid and pancreas with integration of clinico-radiologic data and ancillary techniques such as immuno-cytochemistry and molecular studies. These latter techniques not only augment our morphologic diagnoses in difficult cases, but often also provide important prognostic information for better clinical management.

Digital photo imaging and telepathology is rapidly emerging as a major tool, not only in education and research, but also in diagnostic pathology. By utilizing state-of-the-art imaging equipment, I am involved in several on-going projects in this exciting new field ranging from web-based tutorials to sophisticated virtual photomicroscopy.


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