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Phone (410) 955-2386

Lorraine C. Racusen, M.D.

Primary Appointment in Pathology

The focus of our research is on injury to the kidney. We are also studying morphologic aspects of native kidney and renal allograft injury and rejection, utilizing in-house biopsies and consultant cases, and computerized morphometric techniques. Current projects include pathologic correlates of antibody mediated rejection, assessment of chronic changes in renal allografts, and urinary molecule markers of renal allograft rejection. We are also collaborating with colleagues in nephrology to characterize animal models of acute and chronic renal injury.

Messias NC, Eustace J, Zachary AA, Tucker PC, Charney D, Racusen LC. Cohost study of the prognostic significance of acute transplant glomerulitisin acutely rejecting renal allografts. Transplantation 74: 655-60, 2001.

Solez K, Racusen LC. Role of renal biopsy in acute renal failure. Contrib. Nephrol. 132: 68-75, 2001.

Racusen LC, Solez K, Colvin R. Fibrosis and atrophy in the renal allograft - Interim report and new directions. Am J Transplan 2:203-6, 2002

Racusen LD, Colvin RB, Solez K, et al. Antibody-mediated rejection criteria - An addition to the Banff 97 classification of renal allograft rejection. Am J Transplant 3:708-14, 2003


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