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Russell S. Vang, M.D.

Primary Appointment in Pathology; Secondary Appointment in Gynecology & Obstetrics

My research interests have involved clinicopathologic and immunohistochemical studies of epithelial and non-epithelial tumors of the ovary and fallopian tube, including metastatic mucinous tumors in the ovary, ovarian sex cord-stromal tumors, and serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma (STIC). Currently, I am in the process of investigating serous borderline tumors of the ovary (atypical proliferative serous tumor and non-invasive low-grade serous carcinoma) using a large population-based cohort from Denmark. Multiple studies from this project will focus to clinicopathologic and molecular aspects of these tumors, including long-term behavior of the subtypes of serous borderline tumor, criteria for implants, potential application of mutational analysis of KRAS/BRAF for determining prognosis, and molecular comparison of serous borderline tumors and their subsequent serous carcinomas.

VandenBussche CJ, Ali SZ, Rosenthal DL, Vang R. Atlas of Gynecologic Cytopathology with Histopathologic Correlations. New York, NY: Demos Medical Publishing. (In Press)

Vang R, Levine DA, Soslow RA, Zaloudek C, Shih IM, Kurman RJ. Molecular alterations of TP53 are a defining feature of ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma: a re-review of cases lacking TP53 mutations in The Cancer Genome Atlas Ovarian study. Int J Gynecol Pathol (In Press)

Banet N, Gown AM, Shih IeM, Kay Li Q, Roden RB, Nucci MR, Cheng L, Przybycin CG, Nasseri-Nik N, Wu LS, Netto GJ, Ronnett BM, Vang R. GATA-3 expression in trophoblastic tissues: an immunohistochemical study of 445 cases, including diagnostic utility. Am J Surg Pathol 2015;39:101-8.

Vang R, Cheung ANY, Kommoss F, Matias-Guiu X, Ronnett BM, Young RH. Tumours of the ovary: Secondary tumours. In: Kurman RJ, Carcangiu ML, Herrington CS, Young RH, eds. WHO Classification of Tumours of Female Reproductive Organs, 4th Edition. Lyon, France: IARC Press, 2014:83-86.

Vang R, Shih IM, Kurman RJ. Fallopian tube precursors of ovarian low- and high-grade serous neoplasms. Histopathology 2013;62:44-58.


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