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Ovarian Cancer

Richard B.S. Roden, Ph.D.

Primary Appointment in Pathology; Secondary Appointments in Gynecology and Obstetrics, and Oncology
Member, Graduate Program in Pathobiology

The oncogenic genotypes of human papillomavirus (HPV), typified by HPV16, are the primary etiologic agent of cervical cancer. Papillomavirus has only two capsid (late) proteins, L1 and L2. Both capsid proteins represent targets for prophylactic intervention, but not therapy of established infections. Our primary research goal is to prevent cervical cancer through the development of an L2-based preventative vaccine that is active against all oncogenic types of HPV and combining this with a therapeutic component targeting early viral antigens to treat existing infection.

Little is known about the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer and there is currently no screening test for its detection while still confined to the ovary. Our goal is to identify novel tumor antigens of significance in the biology of ovarian cancer and applicable as biomarkers for early detection or targets for immunotherapy.


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