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Division of Gynecologic Pathology

Robert J. Kurman, M.D.

Director, Division of Gynecologic Pathology
Primary Appointment in Gynecology and Obstetrics; Secondary Appointment in Pathology

Our studies are aimed at elucidating the pathogenesis of a variety of neoplasms in the female genital tract; we are particularly interested in the morphologic and genetic alterations associated with the early events in carcinogenesis. We have proposed a dualistic model for the pathogenesis of endometrial cancer with distinctive precursor lesions and genetic alterations. Correlated morphologic and molecular studies are being conducted to determine whether or not this hypothesis is valid. In addition, the behavior and relationship of borderline tumors (low malignant potential tumors) of the ovary to invasive carcinoma are being investigated. Finally, the role of papillomaviruses in the development of cervical and vulvar carcinomas continues to be an area of interest.

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