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Who Am I?

I have touched you hundreds of times, but you don't know me. I give you hope, provide joy, and unfortunately, deliver heartbreaking news. I may not be there to share in your excitement or comfort you in your times of sorrow, however, I still feel connected to you from a distance. I provide most of the evidence your physician uses to diagnose your illness. My tasks are limitless, but often behind scenes. I am a Phlebotomist. I am a Laboratory Technologist. I am a Customer Service Representative. I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

I am a Phlebotomist. I am the face of the Core Laboratory working directly with patients. I create comfort and gain trust by collecting quality samples from you in a skillful, safe and reliable manner. I have a deep commitment to quality healthcare and a passion for serving our diverse patient population.

I am a Laboratory Technician. I am the person who receives your precious blood, urine and body fluids. I am part of your Emergency Department visit, making a timely delivery of your samples to each analyzer so that your wait is shortened. I expedite your baby's samples to the analyzer to obtain a result to calm and quiet your tears and fears. Who am I? I am an essential part of the healthcare team and I make substantial contributions to your diagnosis and treatment. You are not just a specimen to us. You are the Core reason we do what we do.

I am a Customer Service Representative. I am the ears and voice of the Core Lab. I am the point of contact for the Department of Pathology. I communicate critical test results to your clinician when you are in the hospital and also when you return home. I help send your blood to a specialized testing lab for a genetic test and ensure the report appears in your electronic medical record.

I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. I test your specimens using sophisticated, computerized analyzers that exceed the costs of many homes. I deliver accurate and timely results to assist in your diagnosis. I help your family doctor by providing your glucose, cholesterol, thyroid, and vitamin results. I recognize you might be diabetic from your HbA1c results. I wonder about your diet and if you exercise. If you have chest pain, I will test your blood for cardiac markers. If you have a breathing problem, I can tell your doctor how much oxygen is in your blood so that they can treat you. I can tell you if you are taking too little or too much of your medication. I will run your pregnancy test and call the doctor if it is positive so that your baby will not be hurt by further medical testing like x-rays. I will accompany you and your baby through your 9 months of pregnancy checking on your protein levels and checking for fetal lung maturity with lamellar body counts in your amniotic fluid. When your baby is born, I will test her bilirubin level every day to ensure she is healthy.

I happily work past my shift to more accurately diagnose the blood cancer in your son so that the correct treatment can begin as soon as possible. I see his day 8 results and quietly rejoice that he is responding well to treatment. I see his Day 29 results and know he is in remission and will live to celebrate another birthday. I have never seen his face, but I know his name well. I review your T-Cell results and know that your anti-viral treatments are working. I review your case history and know what a struggle it is for you to survive with HIV. I identified the organism that caused your infection in your blood cells. You do not know me and may never meet me, but I keep your family in my prayers.

Although you may not see me, I play a vital role in your healthcare. I am here rain or shine, 24/7, 365 days a year providing your medical team with many of the results they need to diagnose and treat your illness. I work with 280 dedicated individuals to ensure the highest quality patient care for you and your family.

We are Clinical Laboratory Scientists. We are Phlebotomists.
We are Laboratory Technicians. We are Customer Service Representatives.
We are the Core Laboratory.

Leadership Manager, Supervisor & Directors +

core lab leaders

Top Row (L to R): Keith Nguyen, Lydia Nelson, Brandon Tenney, Rhonda Cole, Kevin Martin, Saima Ahmed, Jennifer Hurley, Tora Ruffin, Abby Green, Christine Hostetter, Matthew Nicholson
Bottom Row (L to R): Danna Anderson, Judith Frazier, Lona Small, Pamela Jarrar, Dawn Teel, Kate Florendo

Customer Service Team +
Customer Service

Back Row (L to R): Gwen, Renay, Ian, Andy, Kevin Martin, Tony, Tish, Loretta
Front Row (L to R): xx,Vilma, Jaime, Stephanie, Tora Ruffin, Frances

Flow Cytometry Team +
flow team
Day Shift Team +

General Chemistry Lab

general chemistry team

Hematology Lab

hematology team

Special Chemistry Lab

special chemistry team

Pre-Analytical Team

day shift pre-analytical team

Phlebotomy Team

day shift phlebotomy team

Evening Shift Team +

Analytical Team

evening shift analytical team

Top Row (L to R): Lambert Arcellana, Jie Li, Keith Nguyen, Safia Khalid, Chuang Liu, Efrem Gebreyesus, Ambaye Semere, Danilo Ilagan, Mebrahtom Bahta, Scott Panes, Christopher Glavaris, Kevin Moseley
Middle Row (L to R): Diana Scumpieru, Mariana Ciavattone, Sharada Bajracharya, Afework Tabor, Kristina Verdal, Alona Malacas, Piyumi Ranaweera, Angie Lam, Armie Myers, Emily Belon
Bottom Row (L to R):Gina Solitario, Joymaria Uche, Megan Shkor, Joseph Musokwah, Lillian Dew, Allan Salazar, Ana Regina Punio

Pre-Analytical Team

evening shift pre-analytical team

Overnight Shift Team +

Analytical Team

overnight analytical team

Seated (L to R): Barbara Smith, Eva Jeremias, Genevieve Gaano, Kate Florendo, Bernadeth Bagalso, Lucy Pierre
Standing (L to R): Miguel Nemenzo, Tewodros Gemechis, Eve Bashoff, Rachel Smith, Sonia Diaz, Mary Ann Martinez, Anna Patricia Nemenzo, Annrose Hije, Sandesh Shrestha, Solomon Kidane

overnight analytical team

Seated (L to R): Edith Burns, Milagros Comes, Sharmila Paudel, Lisa Mains, Ana Regina Punio
Standing (L to R): Moamen Hiessin, Dante Righini, Sara Khair, Mario Antonio, Dinka Kummi

overnight analytical team

(L to R): Wanda Kauffman, Quynh Nguyen, Chidinma Elezie, Anna Medina, Sandra Best

Pre-Analytical Team

overnight pre-analytical team
Greenspring Lab +
greenspring lab team

(L to R): Christina Constantinou, Jen Hurley, Diane Kozlowski, Mary Pippi