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New iPad App On Thyroid Pathology
~ posted July 2019

Johns Hopkins iPad App On Thyroid PathologyWe just released our latest iPAD App - it is a beautifully illustrated application (APP) for the iPAD.

The Johns Hopkins Atlas of Thyroid Pathology is the sixth teaching app in our series from the Johns Hopkins University Department of Pathology. This app is designed to teach residents, fellows, and practicing pathologists the assessment of thyroid fine needle aspiration specimens with histologic correlation. The APP includes numerous examples of common entities, such that viewers can experience the variety of morphologies associated with each entity, as well as rare entities.

The app is composed of four modules: an interactive teaching algorithm, a searchable image atlas, an image-based quiz, and a flash card module. Viewing multiple examples of the same entity or feature from this large, rich image atlas will strengthen your diagnostic skills and updated you on key concepts in the area of thyroid cytopathology and pathology.

Teaching Algorithm: The teaching algorithm is based on the assessment of cytomorphologic features to arrive at a diagnosis. The algorithm consists of a series of dichotomous decision points focusing on current diagnostic concepts involved in the diagnosis of thyroid fine needle aspiration specimens. It is designed with the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology in mind, which will help viewers better understand this widely accepted reporting system.

Image Atlas: The image atlas contains over 500 high-resolution color images. The atlas can be viewed by diagnosis, features (these features reinforce the diagnostic features used in the algorithm), and Bethesda System category. In addition to the albums we have provided, you can create your own albums and add images you select from the atlas to these albums.

Quiz: The Quiz contains 50 multiple choice questions for self-study. Keep track of your progress or quiz your friends and family!

Flash Cards: The Flash cards module allows you to view a randomly generated assortment of images from the image bank and subsequently view the diagnosis and caption by simply "flipping" the card over.

(sorry, because of costs we can only offer it on one platform)

Farewell to our 2018-2019 Cytopathology fellows Dr. Derek Allison and Dr. Sara Mustafa.
~ posted July 2019

Drs. Sara Mustafa and Derek Allison Drs. Sara Mustafa and Derek Allison Cytopathology Faculty with Drs. Sara Mustafa and Derek Allison

2019 Maurice Goldblatt Award to Dr. Syed Ali
~ posted July 2019

Syed Ali - 2019 Maurice Goldblatt Award
Dr. Syed Ali was conferred upon the "2019 Maurice Goldblatt award" at the recently held 20th International Congress of Cytology (ICC) in Sydney, Australia (May 5-9, 2019). Goldblatt is the highest and most prestigious international award given at the ICC, which is the 3-yearly scientific meeting of the International Academy of Cytology (IAC), the largest global professional organization in the field of Cytology.

Awarded once a year, the Maurice Goldblatt Cytology Award was inaugurated in 1960 by the late Maurice Goldblatt, the founder and honorary chairman of the Cancer Research Foundation, Chicago. It consists of a gold medal, wall plaque and a cash award.

Dr. Ali gave a short 20-minute acceptance speech following the award ceremony, which was attended by a large international audience.

Below is the caption read at the award ceremony for the audience:

The 2019 Maurice Goldblatt Cytology Award

To Syed Z. Ali, MD, FIAC, for his stewardship of the continuing educational activities of the International Academy with vigor and innovative ideas; for his successful efforts to develop, test and introduce novel techniques in the practice of clinical cytology; for his dedication in the education of young cytopathologists from around the world at home and abroad.

Sydney, Australia,
May 2019

USCAP 2019
~ posted March 2019

Dr. Derek Allison
Dr. Derek Allison, the cytopathology fellow at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution is presenting his poster at the 2019 USCAP meeting.

66th ASC Annual Meeting in Washington, DC
~ posted November 2018

ASC President, Syed Ali
Dr. Syed Ali is walked to the podium as the new president of ASC by Drs. Dina Mody and Ed Cibas, an ASC tradition.

ASC President, Syed Ali
Congratulations to Dr. Syed Ali, The ASC president for 2018-2019!

Dr. Ali with Johns Hopkins family.
Dr. Syed Ali, the ASC President, with the Johns Hopkins family.

Dr. Hruban presents
Dr. Hruban presents at the 66th ASC annual meeting.

Leigh Buckner
Leigh Buckner, former cytotechnology student at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution received the 2018 President's Award for his significant contribution to the field of cytopathology at the 66th ASC annual meeting in Washington DC.

Gary Gill
The late Gary Gill, former cytotechnologist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, received the ASC President's Award for his dedication and contribution to the field of cytopathology.

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Pathology Residents in Tanzania
~ posted October 2018

Pathology Residents in Tanzania
Drs. Marie Ndayisaba M.Claire and Caroline Ngimba spent a week at the Division of Cytopathology last week following their attendance at the ASCP Annual Meeting in Baltimore. They are pathology residents in Tanzania.

Dr. Yener Erozan and Fellowship Donors Honored
~ posted October 2017

Brenda and Yener Erozan
In August 2017, the Division of Cytopathology celebrated the 55th anniversary of Dr. Yener Erozan's arrival at Johns Hopkins as a fellow in the Department of Pathology in 1962. Dr. Erozan served as Director of the Division of Cytopathology from 1989 to 1995. He retired in 2007 and continues to be active in the Division. On this occasion, the Division unveiled a special plaque recognizing donors who have made leadership contributions of $5,000 or more in support of the Yener S. Erozan Fellowship in Cytopathology Fund. Since 2000, more than 170 donors have contributed more than $800,000 to build this important endowment which honors Yener and helps to train future generations of cytopathologists by supporting a post-doctoral clinical/research fellow. Recognized during the celebration were Tehmina and Syed Ali, Carolyn and John Boitnott, Brenda and Yener Erozan, Ann and Leonard Greif Jr., Claire and Ralph Hruban, James Orr, and Sheila and Lawrence Pakula. On hand to help thank these generous donors were three of the seven Erozan fellows: J. Judd Fite, M.D. (2017-2018), Amy Zhou, M.D. (2016-2017), and Ramneesh Bhatnagar Virk, M.D. (2013-2014).

2017 USCAP annual meeting
~ posted June 2017

Dr. Rosenthal receives Lifetime achievement award at 2017 USCAP annual meeting
Dr. Dorothy Rosenthal receives Lifetime achievement award. Congratulations!!!

2017 USCAP, San Antonio
~ posted June 2017

Dr. Lilo
Dr. Mohammed Lilo (Former Cytopathology Fellow)

2017 Departmental Award Dinner
~ posted June 2017

Hang, Maleki, Zhou
Drs. Jen-Fan Hang (Former Cytopathology Fellow), Zahra Maleki (Faculty), and Amy Zhou (Former Cytopathology Fellow)

2016 Chicago Marathon
~ posted June 2017

Dr. Jen-Fan Hang
Dr. Jen-Fan Hang (Former Cytopathology Fellow)

2016 ASC Reception, New Orleans
~ posted June 2017

Deluca, Ali, Erozan, Lilo
Juliana Deluca (Cytotechnologist), Dr. Syed Ali, Brenda Erozan, Dr. Yener Erozan, and Dr. Mohammed Lilo (Former Cytopathology Fellow)

Ali, Zhou, Lilo
Drs. Syed Ali (Cytopathology Division Director), Amy Zhou and Mohammed Lilo (Former Cytopathology Fellows)

Dr. Ali Nominated Founding Editor-in-Chief of JASC
~ May 2012

Dr. Ali was recently nominated as the founding Editor-in-Chief of the forthcoming "Journal of the American Society of Cytopathology" or JASC. A special adhoc committee appointed by the society's president unanimously proposed his name for this position. His appointment was made official when the executive board of the society approved his nomination by voting at the recent annual scientific meeting.

American Society of Cytopathology (ASC) is the oldest and largest professional organization of cytopathologists and cytotechnologists in the world with over 3000 members. ASC is celebrating its 60th anniversary at the November 2013 annual meeting in Las Vegas. ASC have had two affiliate journals in the past; Acta Cytologica and Cancer Cytopathology. However, recently the society has been working to have its own official journal.

Dr. Ali has always been active in the ASC since becoming a junior member in 1992. He has served on a number of key positions in the society including chairmanship of both, the "educational development committee" and the "scientific program committee", as well as serving on the executive board of the ASC.

The journal will be published by Elsevier in New York and the first issue is scheduled forJanuary 2014. Currently, Dr. Ali is putting together an editorial advisory board. He plans to have the journal's editorial office located at Hopkins, managed by an editorial manager.

Dr. Syed Z. Ali appointed Director of Cytopathology
~ March 2011

Dr. Syed Z. Ali has recently been appointed Director of the John K. Frost Cytopathology Laboratory at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Ali succeeds Dr. Douglas Clark, Dr. Yener Erozan, and Dr. John K. Frost as the fifth director of the laboratory. Dr. Ali has a rich background using inovative teaching tools in Cytopathology education. He has a strong interest in pancreatic and thyroid cytopathology and looks forward to building upon the strong diagnostic foundation at Hopkins to provide cutting-edge patient care, teaching and research in cytopathology.