Faculty & Resident Catalog

1889 - 2014

About the Catalog

  The Pathology Faculty and Resident Catalog features all faculty members (No.= 1,022) and residents (No.= 555) of the Pathology Department from the opening of the Johns Hopkins Hospital (May 15, 1889) to academic year 2013-14. Data for 2014-15 is included but currently incomplete. Similarly, data for pathology fellows is included but only up to academic year 1963-64.

  The catalog was built by entering manually the information into a database that was then converted to a SQL server. The database was developed for the web using ColdFusion, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At present it comprises 8,822 records and spans 125 years.

  The information stored in the database mainly derives from sources published by the School of Medicine, as detailed below.


Data for Pathology faculty members was derived from these sources:

  1. "Catalogue and Announcement" of the School of Medicine, published yearly in the Johns Hopkins University Circulars.
    1. Catalogs for academic years 1904-05 through 1934-35 are available online at https://jscholarship.library.jhu.edu/handle/1774.2/32721
    2. Catalogs for years 1893-94 through 1903-04 and for years 1935-36 through 2010-11 were screened from the printed collection maintained in the School of Medicine Registrar's Office
    3. Catalog for year 2011-12 is available online at https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/som/students/academics/catalog/
    4. Catalogs for the most recent years are still in preparation. A list of faculty members for these years was provided by Pathology Administration.
  2. A departmental list prepared by Dr. William MacCallum in 1931, covering the academic years 1893-94 through 1930-31 {Open as PDF}
  3. A departmental list prepared by Dr. Ella Oppenheimer in 1963, covering the years 1931-32 through 1962-63 {Open as PDF}

Data for Pathology residents was derived from these sources:

  1. The MacCallum's list indicated above
  2. The Oppenheimer's list indicated above
  3. "Catologue and Announcement" of the School of Medicine for the years 1899-1900 through 1958-59
  4. An informal list of house staff for the Johns Hopkins Hospital covering the years 1929-30 through 1998-98, provided by the Chesney Medical Archives
  5. Yearly resident rotation schedule maintained in the department residency office, covering the years 1999-2000 through present
  6. A published list of trustees, professional and administrative staff of the Johns Hopkins Hospital covering the years 1867-68 through 1955-56, available at the Chesney Medical Archives {Open as PDF}
  7. Analysis of yearly departmental photographs, available in the Department of Pathology