Division of CardioPulmonary Pathology

Fellowship Program in Cardiovascular Respiratory Pathology

This flexible fellowship includes both research and clinical experience in cardiovascular-respiratory pathology. Research topics include basic science research in the application of molecular biology, gene therapy, and immunopathology techniques to the study of heart transplantation, and more clinicopathologically-oriented studies of heart, lung and head and neck diseases. The clinical aspect of the fellowship would include exposure to both cardiac as well as pulmonary and head and neck pathology. Approximately 500 endomyocardial heart biopsies are seen here at Hopkins, as well as numerous lung and head and neck biopsies. The fellow's role in the clinical service would be primarily observational.

Rubin M Tuder, M.D.

Program Director

Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Department of Pathology

720 Rutland Avenue, Ross 519
Baltimore, MD 21205-2196
Phone 410-955-2559
Fax 410-502-7813


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