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While all of the efforts at Johns Hopkins to advance our understanding of emphysema and primary pulmonary hypertension and to develop new techniques to diagnose and treat these dreaded diseases are proceeding at a record pace, we have more leads than we have resources to pursue them. Financial support is needed to continue these efforts. Some people have given direct donations, some left us money as a bequeath, and some have asked that donations be sent in lieu of flowers. Each donation has helped us explore new avenues of research, and each is a poignant reminder of the human cost of this disease. Importantly, this private giving has provided us with the opportunity to make real advances in our understanding of cardiopulmonary disease and it has provided critical support to our young investigators. Those of you wishing to support cardiopulmonary research at Johns Hopkins may do so by sending your tax-deductible contribution payable to The Johns Hopkins University to:

Cardiopulmonary Research—Dr. Charles J. Steenbergen
c/o Robert Kahl
Department of Pathology
Johns Hopkins Medicine
600 N. Wolfe Street, Carnegie 417
Baltimore, MD 21287-6417

A number of you have asked us to spell out exactly where these donations go. We do not use the donations to support fundraising or other administrative efforts. Instead, 80% of each donation goes directly to support pulmonary science. The remaining 20% of your donation goes to the Dean's office here at Hopkins. In turn Hopkins provides infrastructure support to the cardiopulmonary research labs (things such as paper towels, lighting, heating for the building, lab space, etc.). If you have any other questions about how you can help support cardiopulmonary research, do not hesitate to give us a call: 410-955-2559.

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