Learner Advocate

The Department of Pathology has set up a Learner Advocate program to help alleviate any concerns or disputes related to learner mistreatment, harassment, bullying, or other disruptive behaviors that might occur. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has guidelines for teacher/learner relationships, harassment and discrimination. We encourage our faculty, trainees and staff to familiarize themselves with this information. We encourage any learner to directly report any mistreatment to the School of Medicine.

If you have a comment or concern that you would like addressed by one of the Learner Advocates in the Department of Pathology, please share this information by following the link below. This report will be forwarded to our appropriate Learner Advocate in Pathology. Our departmental Learner Advocates are Drs. Jim Eshleman and Mary Glenn Fowler. Our graduate student Learner Advocates are Drs. Jim Eshleman and Sarah Sukumar.

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Learner mistreatment can also be reported at the university level. The School of Medicine has set up a resources page that can also provide assistance and represents a second available option.