Division of Gynecologic Pathology


The Division of Gynecologic Pathology is a separate but integral part of the Departments of Gynecology/ Obstetrics and Pathology. There are five full-time faculty members whose activities include clinical practice, teaching, and research. The clinical activities of the members of the Division consist of rendering a histologic (pathologic) diagnosis on all surgical specimens removed from the female genital tract at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and outpatient clinics. In addition, the Division provides diagnostic expertise for pathologists throughout the United States and abroad who submit cases for consultation. Members of the Division teach medical students, residents, and fellows. The latter are physicians who have completed their residency training and who have decided to subspecialize in the field of gynecologic pathology. Members of the Division are engaged in a variety of research areas, primarily ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and papillomavirus infection, uterine cancer and trophoblastic tumors (tumors that develop from the placenta). The main focus of the ovarian cancer research program is aimed at early detection. In the areas of cervical cancer and papillomavirus infection, the focus of interest is in the immunology and vaccine development. Although not directly applicable, some of the advances in understanding that are being developed in this area have the potential to influence the treatment of ovarian cancer as well.