Hypophysitis Research Center

About Us

Dear Visitor:

Welcome to the website of the Johns Hopkins Hypophysitis Center. This website, maintained by Physicians and Project Coordinators at our Center, is designed to provide information for patients with hypophysitis in language that non-medical people can understand. We recognize that many patients with hypophysitis have never heard of their disease before they became sick and that, owing to the rarity of these disease, most physicians have little experience. There is a shortage of literature on hypophysitis, of which almost nothing is written for lay people. Consequently, most patients find reliable information about hypophysitis difficult to come by.

At this website you will find:

  1. explanation of hypophysitis in lay terms
  2. specific description of the autoimmune form of hypophysitis
  3. a collection of all scientific journal articles that have been published on autoimmune hypophysitis
  4. a database collecting the features of most of the patients described thus far
  5. a review of the common therapy for hypophysitis
  6. ways that you can contribute to patient education and research in hypophysitis

Please note that this website is a work-in-progress. We plan to update it regularly, improving its features until it meets your needs. We will try our best to reply to the questions you send us by e-mail, although remember that the manpower is limited.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find it accessible and useful as you learn about these challenging diseases.

Yours truly,

Patrizio Caturegli, MD
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Endocrinology
Director, The Johns Hopkins Hypophysitis Center