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Introduction and Summary of Data

In this section you will find JOURNAL ARTICLES published on Autoimmune Hypophysitis, which I collected and reviewed.

The goal was to provide to the interested reader all the scientific materials in just one place. It is possible that I overlooked some articles, despite my effort of being comprehensive. If you find that an article is missing, please the citation so that we can make this collection even more complete and valuable.

The majority of the articles are in English, followed by Japanese, French and Korean (see pie graph). Articles were found through PubMed searches, citations in other papers or citations in textbooks.

Using the links on the right of this page, you can view all the articles and sort them by "Year of Publication", "Journal" or "Author". You can also search articles according to their main category, such as "Case Reports", "Case Series", "Reviews", etc.

You can also download the full article as PDF file for the majority of the citations. As of June 2008, PDF files are available for 408 of the total 585 articles. I am slowly scanning the remaining articles so that eventually they will be all freely available. If you are interested in one of the articles that are still missing, write me an e-mail and I will send it to you.

The articles described the features of about 500 patients with primary autoimmune hypophysitis. The first 379 patients I have identified have been reviewed in an article published in Endocrine Reviews in 2005. The features of these 379 patients can be viewed in a separate page of this web site. I hope you'll find this collection useful, and I welcome your feedback.

Patrizio Caturegli

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