Hypophysitis Research Center

Information for Patients & Family

In this page you will find the clinical features of the patients with autoimmune hypophysitis. These features were derived from the published articles and have been entered in a database for analysis.

The first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the structure of the database. The database contains numerous fields (columns) for each patient (rows). Some of the fields are encoded, meaning that a number is entered to represent a category (say for example: 0 for "no" and 1 for "yes"). So, first download the list of fields and the explanation of the coding.

Patrizio Caturegli
November 2004

Send us your patient information

Autoimmune hypophysitis is a rare disease. One way to learn more about it, is to study as many patients as possible. So, if you have a patient with this disease, please send us the information trying to complete the fields indicated above. You can in any format of your choice (such as,Excel, Word, Access, FileMaker). We will screen it and add it to the database, so that the entire scientific community will benefit.