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Why Support the Research on Cancer Metabolism?

There are currently at least 13 million people in the U.S. who suffer from cancer, with 1.5 million additional people diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer accounts for approximately 500,000 deaths annually and the total costs due to cancer have been estimated to be $216.6 billion (Cancer Facts & Figures 2014, American Cancer Society).

While much effort has focused on understanding the genetics of cancer, exactly how tumor metabolism contributes to disease progression and its response to treatments has not been established. Changes in cancer metabolism enable cancer cells to proliferate and metastasize. Le Lab is studying cancer metabolism to identify targets for cancer therapy. Cancer cells metabolize sugar differently than normal cells. This fact can be exploited for therapy eliminating cancer cells while sparing normal cells. They are also identifying metabolic markers that can predict the sensitivity of cancers to drugs that inhibit cancer metabolism. Detecting likely responders and non-responders to particular chemotherapeutic agents is highly desirable because it is important to avoid the use of drugs that have no benefit.

Le Lab operates largely thanks to funds from individuals and organizations. Your donations are crucial and will be put to great use as they allow them to continue these efforts. Your tax-deductible contributions are used exclusively to fund laboratory equipment, supplies and staff salaries. Every dollar brings them one step closer to improving the lives of cancer patients and ultimately finding a cure.