Johns Hopkins has a team approach to combating liver cancer. We have surgical and non-surgical doctors who can evaluate an individual patient. While each patient's evaluation needs to be individualized, these evaluations often require blood tests, special imaging techniques (such as Computed Axial Tomography (CT) scan / Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or angiography, the injection of a dye into the blood vessels) and review of biopsy material. After evaluation, a treatment plan may include closely following a patient, surgery or non-surgical treatment (see also Understanding Liver Cancer). What is special about Johns Hopkins is having doctors who can evaluate and treat liver cancer. We have not only listed these doctors, but also provide a method to contact them to schedule an appointment (link below).

Clinicians/Investigators +
Oncology Pathology Surgeons
-Daniel Laheru -Robert Anders
-John Boitnott
-Andrew Cameron
-Tim Pawlik

Hepatology & Gastroenterology Interventional Radiology Radiation Oncology
-Ahmet Gurakar
-James Hamilton
-Anthony Kalloo
-Anne Marie Lennon
-Zhiping Li
-Stephen Meltzer
-Esteban Mezey

-Deborah Frassica
-Fariba Asrari
-Joseph Herman
Diagnostic Radiology    
-Ihab Kamel


Clinical Trials +

Johns Hopkins offers a wide array of specialists from surgery, interventional radiology, radiation oncology and oncology all dedicated to treating liver cancer. In addition to standard approaches to liver cancer, Johns Hopkins also offers clinical trails.

Below is a list of the clinical trails currently open or soon to open at Johns Hopkins.

  1. J0516: Treatment of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma using Drug-Eluting Bead Embolization. This study uses drug-eluting beads in chemoembolization of liver cancer.
    Primary Investigator: Dr. J. Geschwind.
  2. Upcoming: TACE/Avastin administered in interventional radiology. This adds a VEGF inhibitor to standard TACE treatment or liver cancer.
    Primary Investigator: Dr. J. Geschwind.
  3. Upcoming: Phase II trial of erlotinib (Tarceva) and bevacizumab (Avastin) for patients with advanced HCC. Novel combination of targeted therapies in liver cancer.
    Primary Investigator: Dr. Manuel Hidalgo

Appointments +

Suzanne Smallwood-Massey
Suzanne Smallwood-Massey
Liver Tumor Center Coordinator

To schedule an appointment with a specialist at the Johns Hopkins Medicine Liver Tumor Center, call toll-free:

1.877.LIVER99 (1.877.548.3799).

, our program coordinator, will facilitate appointments with the appropriate members of our team. Patients can be seen by one of our providers within one week of calling the Liver Tumor Center.

Our specialists hold a weekly multidisciplinary clinic.