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Key Points:
  • Ductal Communication
  • Located in the head of the organ
  • Mucin
  • Papillary projections
Images: IPMN and main pancreatic duct | Mucin from the ampulla of Vater | Probe in duct | Papillary projections | Colloid cancer |

There are three gross features for IPMN's. 1). They involve the pancreatic duct system. 2). They produce copious amounts of extracellular mucin. 3). They often form papillary projections. Therefore, during macroscopic investigation of IPMN's, it is important to note the connection of cysts to the pancreatic duct system. Location of IPMN's within varies. They may be located anywhere in the pancreas, although they are most likely to be found in the head of the organ and involving the main pancreatic duct. Invasive carcinoma is present in 35% of cases, making sampling the specimen an important step of the macroscopic examination of IPMN's.


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