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What is the Pilocytic Pilomyxoid Research Fund?

The Pilocytic (PA/Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma, or PMA) Research Fund has been set up at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute to fund scientific research for this type of brain tumor. No grant or foundation funding has been available for this form of tumor because it is so rare.

However, there are many families experiencing the tragedy of this tumor in their lives and in that of their children. We invite you to help bring awareness of this rare disease to help researchers and families understand, diagnose, and conquer this disease by continuing research for both treatment and cure of pediatric brain tumors.

Pilocytic Pilomyxoid Research Fund

There are many ways of making a gift to the Pilocytic Pilomyxoid Research Fund.

One can provide support through:

A gift may be made in many forms:

All gifts are made payable to "Johns Hopkins Medicine" and you can mail your donation to:

Pilocytic Pilomyxoid Research Fund—Dr. Charles Eberhart
c/o Robert Kahl
Department of Pathology
Johns Hopkins Medicine
600 N. Wolfe Street, Carnegie 417
Baltimore, MD 21287-6417

For further gift information please contact the Pathology Department Development Office at 443-287-4749 or