Supporting the Johns Hopkins Sudden Cardiac Death Research

Why Support Our Research?

While all efforts to advance our understanding of sudden cardiac death are proceeding at a record pace, we have more leads than we have resources to pursue them. Financial support is needed to continue these efforts.

Some people give donations directly, some leave money to Johns Hopkins as a bequest, and some ask that donations be sent in lieu of flowers. Each donation helps us explore new avenues of research, and each is a poignant reminder of the human cost of this disease.

Those of you wishing to support sudden cardiac death research at Johns Hopkins may do so by sending your tax-deductible contribution payable to The Johns Hopkins University to:

donation check

Sudden Cardiac Death Research—Dr. Marc Halushka
c/o Robert Kahl
Department of Pathology
Johns Hopkins Medicine
600 N. Wolfe Street, Carnegie 422
Baltimore, MD 21287-6417

To make a contribution using a credit card, visit our secure online giving page by clicking here.

A number of you have asked us to spell out exactly where these donations go. We do not use the donations to support fundraising or other administrative efforts. Instead, 80% of each donation goes directly to support sudden cardiac death science. The remaining 20% of your donation supports the Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical and Academic Fund. In turn, Johns Hopkins Medicine provides infrastructure support to the sudden cardiac death research labs.

If you have questions about how you can help support sudden cardiac death research, please call: 410-614-8138.

In Lieu of Flowers +

We receive a number of donations in lieu of flowers. This is a wonderful way to both honor a loved one and to help fight this terrible disease. These donations are made at very difficult times, and we therefore want to simplify the process. If you have lost a loved one and would like donations sent to Hopkins to help battle this disease in lieu of flowers, please:

  1. Make donations payable to: "Johns Hopkins University."
  2. Indicate on the memo line of the check the name of the individual in whose memory the donation is being made.
  3. Mail the donation to:

    Sudden Cardiac Death Research—Dr. Marc Halushka
    c/o Robert Kahl
    Department of Pathology
    Johns Hopkins Medicine
    600 N. Wolfe Street, Carnegie 422
    Baltimore, MD 21287-6417

Please include the name and address of where you would like acknowledgments to be sent (or call our office at 410-614-8138).

When we receive memorial donations, a thank you is sent to the donor, and we also send a complete list of the names and address of the donors to the relative of the deceased.

We realize that the death of a loved one is extremely difficult. We hope these simplified instructions will help those of you who wish to honor your loved one with contributions to Johns Hopkins for sudden cardiac death research.

Planned Giving +

A number of people have asked how they can make a bequest and about other forms of planned giving. Planned giving can be a wonderful way to support sudden cardiac death research. Depending on the arrangements you choose you can also:

  1. Reduce your income taxes
  2. Get more favorable capital gains tax treatment
  3. Increase your spendable income
  4. Retain payments for life
  5. Achieve no-cost, worry-free asset management

To learn more about planned giving opportunities visit or contact the development office at 443-287-4749 or .

What Your Donation Buys +
Reagents needed to isolate DNA from a patients' blood sample $20

A pair of PCR primers used to amplify one gene $30

Enzyme to precisely cut DNA $40

Enzyme to join DNA fragments $60

Gel mix used to resolve DNA on gels $100

A vial of enzyme to modify or amplify DNA $100

DNA purification kit $150

Antibody for immunohistochemistry $350

DNA fragments to study a new gene $500

Lab refrigerator used in ongoing experiments $700

Set of pipettes to measure chemical solutions $900

Lab computer to access gene database $1,800

Ultraviolet light and camera to visualize DNA $2,000

Sudden cardiac death TMA construction $5,000

Set of DNA sequencing apparatus $3,800

Lab freezer $5,000

Centrifuge for protein purifications $7,000

PCR machine to amplify DNA $9,000

Drier for DNA gels and purifications $12,000

Sudden Cardiac Death Research Technician $40,000/yr

Research fellow and supplies $50,000/yr

Named research endowment $100,000 and up

Named endowed research fellowship $1.7 million

Named endowed chair for sudden cardiac death research $2.5 million

The monies raised through this web page are distributed under the direction of Drs. Marc Halushka and Dan Arking, and are used to support our research on genetic causes of sudden cardiac death and biomarkers to predict individuals susceptible to sudden cardiac death.

Your Donation Is More Important Than Ever!

Your donations are now more important than ever. The Federal Government continues to cut funding to NIH, making it more difficult to obtain research grants. These cuts come at the very same time we have exciting important leads to pursue. You can make a difference and help overcome these cuts to our sudden cardiac death research! You can help by supporting our research with your contributions. Every dollar counts. Thank you for your generosity.