Dr. Larman earned his B.S. in Engineering Physics and Bioengineering from UC Berkeley in California. He then obtained a Ph.D. from Harvard-MIT's Division of Health Sciences & Technology, which was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at The Scripps Research Institute.

Dr. Larman directs The Laboratory of Precision Immunology within the Immunology Division of the Pathology Department. The Larman laboratory develops and deploys new technologies to study the human immune system and its response to environmental exposures. High throughput DNA sequencing technologies enable the novel, massively parallel molecular assays developed by the group. Examples of these technologies include: phage display of synthetic peptidome libraries for comprehensive, quantitative profiling of antibodies; ribosome display of ORFeome libraries for antigen discovery, protein-protein interaction studies, and drug target identification; ultrasensitive, multiplex RNA quantification techniques to monitor gene expression and detect microbes; and pooled genetic screening to elucidate immune cell function and identify new therapeutic targets. The laboratory uses these and other unbiased approaches to identify new opportunities for monitoring and manipulating immune responses.

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