The implementation of high-throughput, global analytic methodologies for various biomolecules is ushering in a new era of discovery in disease pathogenesis. Leveraging these technologies in the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutic approaches is a critical aspect of precision medicine. With these new technologies, which can be based on tissue morphology, protein expression, RNA analysis, genomic analysis, or other cellular features, scientists are uniquely poised to detect previously unidentified features of disease that can better guide patient management and treatment.

Dr. Alexander Baras oversee Precision Medicine Informatics and Bioinformatics for the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory in which they leverage clinical genomics data of malignancies. Effectively coupling a robust characterization of tissue specimens to these new technologies will optimally inform their use in the development of novel clinical diagnostics and therapeutic regimens. As a pathologist and bioinformatician in this field, Dr. Baras look to advance the front line of translational biomedical research, combining clinical, computational, and molecular techniques centered on tissue specimens with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

Dr. Baras also oversee the Oncology Tissue Services laboratory with respect to the development of protein and nucleic acid detection assays in tissue sections, as is done routinely in clinical practice. Additionally, he oversees the digital pathology slide scanning serving of the Oncology Tissue Services laboratory along with the Department of Pathology.

Dr. Alexander Baras is a practicing pathologist specializing in genitourinary pathology with a comprehensive understanding of cellular and molecular research along with bioinformatics. He completed a residency in anatomic pathology at the Johns Hopkins University and an M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.

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