The Autopsy Pathology Division performs approximately 400 autopsies a year to determine the cause of death, confirm clinical diagnoses, evaluate the effects of therapy, and study disease processes. In addition to examining consented patients who die within Johns Hopkins hospitals, we occasionally perform private autopsies at the request of family members, physicians, or researchers.

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Edward Gabrielson, M.D.

Faculty SpotLight

Edward Gabrielson, M.D.

Dr. Edward W. Gabrielson is a Professor of Pathology and Oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Professor of Environmental Health Engineering at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He specializes in molecular pathology, with particular emphasis on the pathology of breast, esophageal and lung cancers. Dr. Gabrielson is a member of the Johns Hopkins Kimme... Read full bio

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USCAP 2024

The 113th annual meetings of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology was held in Baltimore this year. This provided a wonderful opportunity for our alumni to visit their “old stomping grounds,” see what has changed, and most importantly, to reunite and share stories.

After a tour of the hospital guided by current residents, 100 alumni, friends, and current residents and faculty, gathered in the Armstrong Teaching Building for drinks and dinner.

The highlight of the evening was an entertaining talk “A short history of Pathology,” by Peter Burger.

Top Three in NIH Funding

The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research (BRIMR Rankings of NIH Funding in 2023 | BRIMR) just released their ranking of NIH funding for 2023. While we aren’t #1 this year, we are pleased that we rank in top three. $46.6 M in NIH funding is really amazing, and the differences among the top three really aren’t that meaningful. Most importantly, as we have stressed, what matters more than any dollar amount is the impact of the science in our department. It is simply wonderful!

A special note of congratulations for Sharon Nachman and Susan Eshleman who rank among the top funded pathologists!

Rank Name Pathology
1 University of Pennsylvania $49,860,431
2 Stanford University $47,507,779
3 Johns Hopkins University $46,617,393
4 Washington University St. Louis $40,577,889
5 Emory University $40,458,170
6 New York University School of Medicine $30,130,802
7 University of Michigan Ann Arbor $26,848,882
8 Columbia University Health Sciences $26,724,912
9 Vanderbilt University $24,584,871
10 University of Alabama Birmingham $22,181,406

Congratulations Castle Connolly Top Docs for 2024

Castle Connolly just announced their “top doctors” for 2024, and three of our faculty are on the list! 2024 Castle Connolly Top Doctors As they describe it, ” Castle Connolly Top Doctors are peer-nominated, and thoroughly vetted by our physician-led research team. These doctors are best-in-class healthcare providers, embodying excellence in clinical care as well as interpersonal skills.”

Congratulations Drs. Pedram Argani, Ralph H. Hruban and Brigitte M. Ronnett!