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Brain and spinal cord tumors (collectively known as central nervous system tumors) represent a group of diseases that have in common the abnormal development of mass lesions in the brain, spinal cord or its coverings.

An estimated 87,000 new cases of central nervous system tumors are expected to be diagnosed in the United States in 2019.

Charles Eberhart, M.D., Ph.D.

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Getting a second opinion on your pathology diagnosis can clarify or even change a diagnosis.

This can affect prognosis as well as therapy, and adds important data that contributes to a larger cause: making sure every diagnosis of brain cancer, everywhere, is as accurate as possible.

Pathology Slide (blue & purple)

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Your Pathologist will use slides to help determine the following about a brain tumor:

  • whether it is benign or malignant
  • grading and classification

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How We Can Help

Our team at Johns Hopkins has a dedicated service to interpretation of brain tumors and render second opinions on a daily basis.

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Our Expertise

Diagnosing and treating brain cancer is truly a multidisciplinary team effort. Our brain tumor research team is one integral part of the comprehensive, patient-centered team approach to brain cancer at Johns Hopkins.


leading cause of cancer deaths among children and young adults


children are expected to be affected with central nervous system tumors in 2019


types of brain tumors but only 5 brain tumor treatments approved by FDA in 30 yrs