The Division of Gynecologic Pathology at Johns Hopkins plays a vital role in the clinical diagnosis and research to advance the understanding of diseases of the female reproductive system. Five full-time faculty members of the division whose activities include clinical practice, teaching, and research closely collaborate with faculty in the Department of Gynecology/ Obstetrics. The clinical activities consist of rendering a histologic (pathologic) diagnosis on all surgical specimens removed from the female genital tract at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and outpatient clinics.

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Drs. Ie-Ming Shih and Tian-Li Wang
Dr. Tian-Li Wang & Dr. Ie-Ming Shih
Chuan-Hsiang Huang, M.D., Ph.D.

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Chuan-Hsiang Huang, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Chuan-Hsiang (Bear) Huang joined our faculty in Gynecologic Pathology in July 2016. Dr. Huang received his M.D. from National Taiwan University and completed two years of residency in internal medicine before joining the Graduate Program in Immunology here at Johns Hopkins. His Ph.D. work, conducted in the labs of Mario Amzel and Bert Vogelstein, focused on structural studies of PI3Ka, one ... Read full bio

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USCAP 2024

The 113th annual meetings of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology was held in Baltimore this year. This provided a wonderful opportunity for our alumni to visit their “old stomping grounds,” see what has changed, and most importantly, to reunite and share stories.

After a tour of the hospital guided by current residents, 100 alumni, friends, and current residents and faculty, gathered in the Armstrong Teaching Building for drinks and dinner.

The highlight of the evening was an entertaining talk “A short history of Pathology,” by Peter Burger.

Wishing Dr. Ronnett well in her retirement!

Brigitte Ronnett, M.D.

Dr. Brigitte (“Biggy”) Ronnett began her career at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1986 as a resident in the Department of Pathology. After residency and fellowship training, she joined our faculty in 1995. She has previously served as Director of the Gynecology Pathology In-house Service and was Co-director of the Gynecologic Pathology Consultation Service at the time of retirement. Dr. Ronnett has made numerous contributions to the academic literature. Probably, her most notable work has been clinicopathologic and molecular studies of pseudomyxoma of the ovary and hydatidiform moles. In addition, she is a co-editor of the Blaustein’s text book on gynecologic pathology and also a co-author on the AFIP Tumor Fascicle for the lower gynecologic tract. However, one of Dr. Ronnett’s greatest achievements has been her invaluable teaching and mentoring of gynecologic pathology fellows as Co-director of the Gynecologic Pathology Fellowship Training Program. As of 1/1/24, she is officially retired. We wish Biggy the best of luck, and she and all of her efforts will be missed dearly!

Cover of Cell

It has been said that making the cover of the journal Cell is the scientific equivalent of a musician making the cover of the Rolling Stone. We therefore congratulate Chuan-Hsiang (Bear) Huang and his team for their image on the December 9th issue of Cell (Cell, volume 184, issue 25). The basis of the image is a wonderful paper in the journal, “deciphering cell signaling networks with massively multiplexed biosensor barcoding.” In this paper, Bear and his team describe an exciting novel technique to dynamically image cell responses in mixed cell populations.