Our Division

The Transfusion Medicine Division is one of the busiest services of its kind in the United States. Annually more than 105,000 ABO/Rh types and antibody screens are performed and more than 108,000 blood components, tissues and derivatives are issued from the blood bank.

The Division provides comprehensive support to all routine and specialized areas to care for obstetrical, neonatal, solid organ and bone marrow transplant, general and open-heart surgery patients, and patients with hematological disorders. The Division works closely with the Division of Hemapheresis and Transfusion Support (HATS) to provide component support and therapeutic apheresis services for adult and pediatric oncology patients. The faculty in the Division also collaborate with the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery on various initiatives aimed at reducing blood transfusion by developing evidence-based approaches to blood management.

Specialized diagnostic services are performed by the reference laboratory, which provides "in-house" resolution of complex serologies, access to the rare donor file, consultation services, platelet antibody testing and molecular testing for red cell antigens.

In keeping with the mission of the hospital, the Division of Transfusion Medicine is actively involved in medical education and research. The faculty and staff train pathology residents, transfusion medicine fellows, medical laboratory technologists, and specialists in blood banking (SBB).

Transfusion Medicine team