The goal of the Cyst Clinic at Johns Hopkins is to provide the highest quality of care to patients with pancreatic cysts.

We are committed to a comprehensive one week evaluation incorporating all the resources available for the education, diagnosis, treatment and research of pancreatic cysts.

Who is likely to benefit from the clinic?

  • Patients with newly diagnosed or suspected pancreatic cysts including Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms (IPMNs), Serous cystadenomas (SCAs), Mucinous cystic neoplasms, or cysts in which the cause for the cyst is unknown.
  • Patients who have a prior diagnosis of a pancreatic cyst who wish to get a second opinion or wish to become involved in ongoing investigational studies for pancreatic cysts.

Some pancreatic cysts, such as serous cystadenomas, are harmless. Other pancreatic cysts, such as intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms (IPMNs), can be precancerous. Careful clinical evaluation by an experienced team is therefore important. If you have any questions regarding pancreatic cysts, you will have an opportunity to discuss these directly with a member of our team.

To make an appointment for the Multidisciplinary Pancreatic Cyst Clinic, please call 410-955-5800.

What We Offer   

  • Educational materials for the patient and their families.
  • Same day diagnostic testing including specialized 3-dimensional pancreatic CT scans and MRI read by expert pancreatic radiologists.
  • Access to endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) performed by Johns Hopkins Gastroenterologists who have had advanced training in pancreatic endoscopic ultrasound.
  • Careful examination of pathological slides by expert pancreatic pathologists.
  • Some of the most experienced surgeons, gastroenterologists, radiologists and pathologists in the world.
  • Thoughtful and caring individualized treatment plans.

Our Goals   

  • To provide a smooth and efficient patient experience.
  • To improve communication between patients with pancreatic cysts and their healthcare providers.
  • To educate patients with pancreatic cysts, healthcare professionals, and the general public about pancreatic cysts and treatment options.
  • To work toward better pancreatic cyst treatment guidelines to help guide the treatment of patients around the world.

Getting Here   

Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center

The Multidisciplinary Pancreatic Cyst Clinic at The Johns Hopkins Hospital is held on Wednesdays in The Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center (JHOC) on the 8th floor. Patients will have a comprehensive evaluation by expert pancreatic cyst clinicians.

To make an appointment for the Multidisciplinary Pancreatic Cyst Clinic, please call 410-955-5800.

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What to Expect   

Patient and Nurse

At Initial consultation:
After making an appointment at the Pancreatic Cyst clinic, you will be asked to submit your recent imaging (CAT scans) to be reviewed by a JHU radiologist(s) or specialize in pancreatic cysts. You will also be asked to submit outside records.

A member of the pancreatic cyst clinic will review the images and outside records. You may also be asked to undergo abdominal CT or MRI imaging.

If further investigation is warranted, such as endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), the test will be coordinated.

The first part of the initial consultation visit is you will meet a member of the Pancreatic Cyst Clinic. You will receive a comprehensive assessment.

  • Your physician will discuss in detail the findings of your imaging as well as what we suspect is the diagnosis of the pancreatic cyst based on history and imaging. He or she will also discuss in detail treatment plans which will be finalized at the time of the clinic visit.
  • In some cases, further tests may be required, such an endoscopic procedure.
  • In some cases, your case may be discussed at the bimonthly multidisciplinary pancreatic cyst meeting which is attended by gastroenterologist, surgeons, pathologists, and radiologists. The group reviews the imaging, endoscopic ultrasound, and other results from individuals seen in clinic. A treatment plan is then created by the end of the meeting.
  • If surgery is necessary, patients will be given detailed information about surgical options. Patients will have the opportunity to meet their surgeon at the clinic. We understand waiting for surgery can be stressful and surgery will be scheduled promptly.
  • You will be provided with information about ongoing trials for pancreatic cysts at Johns Hopkins at the time of their clinic visit
  • You will be asked to schedule a follow-up appointment with or without imaging at the end of your clinic visit.

What to bring to your initial visit:

  • Insurance and Identification cards.
  • CD of imaging studies if not submitted prior to initial visit.
  • Outside records that may be relevant to the diagnosis of pancreatic cysts, including procedures and laboratory tests that have been performed.
  • A list of current medications, and doses.
  • Filled out Pancreatic Cyst Clinic Patient Questionnaire.

In between visits

We encourage you to stay in touch with the cyst clinic team. In particular, if you develop acute pancreatitis, jaundice, new onset diabetes, new upper abdominal pain, or unintentional weight loss, please call the pancreatic cyst clinic and speak with a member of the team.

Our Team   

Cyst clinic group

A diagnosis of a pancreatic cyst can be stressful and confusing. All members of the Multidisciplinary Pancreatic Cyst Program are dedicated to assisting you and your family.

Meet Our Team


Elizabeth Thompson on the phone

A written summary of the patient's proposed plan of treatment will be provided to the referring physician within two weeks of the patient being seen. Our physicians will also be available by phone to address any questions regarding the clinic consensus.

Visit our team page to find information about a physician.

Please call (410) 955-5800 for referrals.

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