Dr. Kenneth Kinzler is a Professor of Oncology at The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center (SKCCC) at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. According to the Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia, Dr. Kinzler is one of the most influential scientists alive today. He has produced classic studies of the genes causing human cancer including the discovery of APC, the gene that initiates virtually all colorectal tumors. His subsequent analyses of the functional properties of the APC gene product have had widespread ramifications for developmental biology as well as cancer biology. He is also internationally renowned for his development of genetic methods for analyzing gene expression and mutations in human cancer leading to his most recent work on defining the cancer genome for more than a dozen human tumor types. His work has spawned over 100 patent applications, most focused on the use of genetic approaches to improve the diagnosis and management of patients with cancers and other serious diseases.

Dr. Kinzler received his B.S. in Toxicology from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, graduating Magna cum laude and obtaining the highest average in the toxicology curriculum. In 1988, he received a doctorate in Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he also completed a fellowship in oncology. In 1990, he joined the faculty of the SKCCC. Dr. Kinzler was promoted to Professor of Oncology in 1999 and is currently co-director of the Ludwig Center at Johns Hopkins University.

Among his many honors are the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science Alumni Award, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Sandoz Award for Superior Academic Achievement and Contribution to Health Care, the David Israel Macht Award for Excellence in Research and the Inaugural National Brain Tumor Society Founders Award. He's a recipient of a National Cancer Institute's Merit grant and an original member of the Institute for Scientific Information Highly Cited Researchers. He has served on the National Cancer Institute's Scientific Advisory Board and the American Association of Cancer Research's Board of Directors. He has coauthored over 300 peer-reviewed articles on the molecular analyses of cancer and what many consider to be the definitive book on human cancer genetics. Although Dr. Kinzler is only 49, he has ranked among the most influential scientists worldwide over the last 25 years. In summary, Dr Kinzler is a world recognized expert on the molecular and genetic analysis of human cancer who has been responsible for numerous advances in this field.

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