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Pathology Continuing Education

10th Annual Pathology Symposium (Virtual)

September 13 - 15, 2022

This fall we celebrate a decade of academic excellence.
Stay tuned for more information about this year's festivities.

Description: This Virtual Continuing Education event is intended for all employees of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Department of Pathology and Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratories.

Cost: Free for all Pathology and Johns Hopkins Medical Laboratory employees


Registration can be done through the Symposium Calendar (Calendar of Education Events). See your Supervisor for approval to attend during your normal working hours.



  1. Logging into Zoom for each session for the entire session.
  2. Attendance using Activtracker for designated viewing areas (where each person cannot log into Zoom). JHM I.D. badge is required for electronic attendance tracking.
  3. Other options may be available for your site.

Documentation & Certificate Instructions

  1. Log in to Zoom or Swipe I.D. badge or sign in for all sessions attending.
  2. Certificates will be available on the ActivTracker website once evaluations have been completed.

Poster Sessions

Symposium poster presentations will be available online (coming soon) from September 5 – 26, 2022. To receive P.A.C.E.® Continuing Education credit, questions must be answered for a minimum of five posters, and a minimum passing score of 80% must be achieved. Follow instructions on the poster session website. Deadline for submitting answers is September 30, 2022.

Questions answered for 5 posters with 80% correct receive 1.0 CEU.
Questions answered for 10 posters with 80% correct receive 2.0 CEU.