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Digital Step Forward : e-Learning Module for Hematopathology Education

Our study compared the effectiveness of an interactive e-learning module with a traditional text-based method for teaching peripheral blood smear analysis to pathology residents around the country. Participants completed a multiple-choice test on peripheral blood smear findings and then were randomized into completing an e-learning module or a PDF reading exercise with the same educational content. Respondents rated their experience and completed a post intervention test composed of the same questions. The trainees with less clinical hematopathology experience showed a trend of having the largest performance improvement. Most participants rated the exercise as easy to navigate, were engaged, and reported learning new information about peripheral blood smear analysis. All participants indicated that they would likely complete a similar exercise in the future. Improvement in scores was seen in both groups, with no difference in performance between the groups, which we believe suggests that e-learning is an effective tool for hematopathology education and equivalent to traditional narrative-based methods.

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