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Accreditation & Regulatory Affairs

AABB Accreditation
Transfusion Service Accreditation Information
CAAHEP Accreditation
SBBT/TM Program Accreditation Information
CAP Accreditation
Laboratory Accreditation Information
CLIA Regulations
Code of Federal Regulations - Lab Requirements
JH Privacy Office
State and federal health care privacy laws, including HIPAA
24/7 Employee Hotline

Clinical Care

Core & Specialty Labs
Core & Specialty procedure manuals, forms, and information
COVID-19 Testing
Microbiology COVID-19 Testing Information
Epic at JH
Epic Resources
Grossing Manual
General Grossing Guidelines, Safety/PPE
Temperature Monitoring System
Offsites Information
Lab Contact Information (Bayview, Howard County, JHCP)
Pathology Call & Rotation Scheduling
Test Directory
Surgical Pathology, Cytogenetics, Molecular Diagnostics, and Flow Cytometry Tests

Continuing Education & Staff Development

CE Attendance Tracking & Event Management Portal
Pathology Continuing Education
Annual Symposium Event Info & Recorded Sessions
Requirements for Continuing Education
HR004: Staff Annual Requirements
Strategic Workforce Development
Project REACH: Career Coaching, Assessments & Salary Release Support
Tuition Assistance
Guide to Benefits & Tuition-Related Forms

Employee Resources

Community Health
Volunteer Opportunities & Support Groups
Core Values
Johns Hopkins Medicine Mission, Vision, & Values
Download HR Forms
Employer-Provided Benefits for Staff
Emergency Assistance Support for Employees
JHM Branding
Proper use of the Johns Hopkins name and logo
Learn about Lab Careers
Career Options & Relevant Professional Websites

Employee Wellness

Employee Health & Wellness Center
Appointments for non-emergency, non-work-related illnesses or injuries
Healthy at Hopkins
Health and Wellness resources for the Hopkins Community
JH COVID-19 Call Center
Assist employees with managing COVID-19
24/7 Access to a Daily-Life Assistance Counselor
Office of Well-Being
Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Health Resources
OnDemand Virtual Care
Access to care from a mobile device or computer
Resilience in Stressful Events
EHP Behavioral Health Program

Research Resources

Google Scholar
Search engine for scholarly literature
Institutional Review Board Guidelines & Training
Plagiarism and AI Checker
JH Data Services
Help with data management, analysis, and visualization
JHM Branding
Proper use of the Johns Hopkins name and logo
SAFE Desktop Resources
Virtual desktop for investigators
Science Calendar
JH scientific events

Resident & Student Resources

Grossing Manual
General Grossing Guidelines, Safety/PPE
Learner Advocate
Reporting and Management of Learner Mistreatment, Harassment, or Bullying
Pathobiology PhD Program for students
Pathobiology Program Resources
SBBT/TM Program
Specialist in Blood Banking Program Resources


Voluntary Safety Event Reporting
Department of Health, Safety, and Environment
Occupational Injury
5-STIX & Work-Related Injuries

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