Cytogenetics team


The Cytogenetics/Cytogenomics Laboratory is CAP and CLIA-certified and is licensed in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Lab Directors

Cancer Cytogenetics Team

  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Laboratory Coordinator: Laura Morsberger
  • Lead: Azin Nozari
  • Technologists: Constance Achaleke, Candice Ament, Patricia Chiurazzi, Jennifer Ghabrial, Melanie Klausner, Naomi Kamara, Rebecca Parish, Rebecca Park, Kerry Powell, Alison Shane, Frank Tambini, Varsha Tomar

Tests and services include: Cancer Karyotrype, FISH assays and FISH panel tests for myeloid and lymphoid hematologic malignancies (eg. AML, CML, MDS, Lymphoma, etc) and FISH assays on paraffin embedded tumor or tissue specimens (eg. Breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, etc), and SNP microarray

Prenatal Cytogenetics Team

  • Lead: Susan Morsey
  • Technologists: Stacey Drumwright, Angela Gozdor, Michelle McManus, Brenda Welty,

Tests and services include: Chromosome analysis (prenatal and products of conception), FISH (AneuVysion and DiGeorge), SNP microarray (prenatal and products of conception)

Postnatal Cytogenetics Team

  • Lead: Janet Biscoe
  • Technologists: Mariam Abdelmasseh, Natalie DeMetrick, Denise Lubin, Victoria Stinnett, Linjie Wo

Test and services include: Chromosome analysis, Breakage studies, FISH (SRY and miscellaneous), SNP microarray (postnatal and parental follow up)

Cytogenetics Core Facility

Providing customized Cytogenetics services for Cancer researchers and other investigators in the institution.
Manager Oncology Core for the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center: Laura Morsberger

For General Inquires for clinical testing or research opportunities email: [email protected]

Administrative Team: Barbara Kurgansky and Ronshay Chisolm

Mailing Address:
600 North Wolfe St, Halsted 281
Baltimore MD, 21287

The Laboratory operates Monday – Friday, closed on Holidays
Phone: TBD

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