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Send a Consult for Second Opinion

How to Send a Consult

1. Fill out the form

Print this form and fill it out to be sent to us along with your slides.

2. Ask your doctor to send your slides

Send the form to your doctor. Ask your doctor to include the form with your slides and send everything to Johns Hopkins Pathology.

Where to send slides

3. Get your diagnosis

A diagnosis is usually reached within 3-5 days of your slides' arrival at Johns Hopkins. A report with the diagnosis will be faxed to your doctor. It's really that simple!

Consult Fees

In some cases, additional testing may be required. Associated fees may be incurred up to $1,800 in a minority of more complicated cases requiring special studies. In very uncommon cases, molecular testing may be needed which can incur fees greater than $1,800. We will bill your insurance and try to minimize the cost to you.

Base Fee
Slides only (most cases) $300
Slides and blocks $350

FAQs about Second Opinions

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