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Inclusion at Johns Hopkins Pathology

We prioritize inclusion in our training and working environments, because we recognize that inclusion is an essential component of academic and professional success, and overall well-being. We therefore aim to ensure our trainees, faculty, and staff have the resources, support, and networks they need to thrive. Our pathology initiatives and DEI committees align with the broader Hopkins University and Medicine-wide DEI structure.

Residents and Fellows

  • The House Staff Diversity Council is a self-governing and representative body within the House Staff Council which seeks to promote both diversity and inclusion within Johns Hopkins Medicine by championing various initiatives that foster the following goals at various levels of the institution.

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Students

  • The Johns Hopkins Graduate Biomedical Education Program, together with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University, is fully committed to the shared values of diversity and inclusion in order to achieve and sustain excellence. The core values of Johns Hopkins provide a foundation of a variety of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Graduate Programs and student groups.
  • The Diversity Postdoctoral Alliance is an interdisciplinary network for engaging, connecting, developing and supporting postdoc fellows historically underrepresented in the sciences. We seek to enhance the academic, professional, and social development of our members by systematically identifying and addressing their needs and concerns.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff have access to a variety of resources and groups through Johns Hopkins Medicine and University. A few resources are highlighted below.

Here are useful resources, videos, documents and presentations to support the pathology diversity committee's mission.

The Johns Hopkins House Staff Diversity Council united the Hopkins community to stand in solidarity with the Black community against systemic inequity and police brutality. They encourage other institutions to take a stand as well. #WC4BL #JohnsHopkins #BLM

Dr. Ralph Hruban, Director of the Department of Pathology, talks with Kathleen Sander, Ph.D, author of biography of Mary Elizabeth Garrett. Kathleen speaks about Garrett's support of women faculty, a legacy still prominent today at Johns Hopkins Medicine.