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Faculty Assistant Program


The Breast Pathology faculty assistant program in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Department of Pathology is one-year advanced fellowship that combines clinical and research responsibilities. The proportion of clinical, research, and education responsibilities can be tailored to the faculty assistant’s interests and goals. The faculty assistant functions as a junior faculty member (assistant), has sign-out privileges, and takes full responsibility for sign out of a subset of in-house breast core biopsy and resection material. The faculty assistant participants in an active consult service with specialty experience provided by Drs. Ashley Cimino-Mathews and Marissa White.

In addition, the faculty assistant participates in clinical conferences, housestaff and medical student teaching, and gross-room supervision. Research is an integral part of the program, with an emphasis on independent research studies as well as multiple opportunities for collaborative studies in medical oncology and basic sciences. The faculty assistant has additional opportunities for electives in breast cancer care specialties including Breast Imaging, Surgical Oncology, and Medical Oncology. The year provides an invaluable opportunity to develop and refine skills as a diagnostic breast pathologist under the close supervision of experienced attending pathologists.


Applicants must have completed their AP training and be AP Board eligible/certified by July 2022 and they must have a U.S. permanent resident visa or be a U.S. citizen. Highly desired applicant qualities include the ability to effectively communicate with clinicians, outstanding diagnostic skills, and an enthusiasm to instruct residents.


If interested, please contact Dr. Ashley Cimino-Mathews or call 410-614-6753.

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