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Cardiovascular/Renal Fellowship

Advanced Specialty Training Program in Renal/Cardiovascular Pathology


Name of the Program: Assistant in Cardiovascular/Renal Pathology

Number of Trainees Anticipated: 1

Length of Program: 1 year

Description of Activities: The faculty assistant takes responsibility for sign-out of in-house native and transplant renal/heart biopsy material, non-neoplastic kidney in surgical nephrectomies, cardiovascular surgical specimens autopsy material, external consult cases. There will be exposure to ancillary techniques including immunofluorescence and electron microscopy. The faculty assistant participates in clinical conferences and housestaff and medical student teaching. Research is an integral part of the program and may have either a clinical or an experimental emphasis. There are multiple opportunities for collaborative studies in nephrology/cardiology and transplantation, and in basic research in this and other departments.

Activities Requiring Faculty Supervision: Although the trainees, in general, have the authority to signout cases on their own without supervision, most cases are reviewed by faculty prior to being released, as part of Quality Assurance..


Three years of AP training or four years of AP/CP training are required. Applicants must have completed their AP training and be AP Board eligible/certified by the July start date. A Maryland medical license is required prior to the starting date. Applicants must have a U.S. permanent resident visa or be a U.S. citizen. A J-1 or H-1B visa is not appropriate for this position.


Applications should be received by July 1 for a July 1 starting date 24 months later (e.g., an application submitted by July 1, 2022 will be for a July 1, 2024 start). Though the deadline for applications is July 1, we encourage you to apply early. Supporting documents should be received within 2 weeks of this deadline (e.g., by July 15, 2022 in previous example).

Faculty Directors


Please download the application form and send with the supporting documents.

Send the application (via email) to:

Serena M Bagnasco, M.D.
Director, Renal Biopsy Service

Johns Hopkins Medical Institution
Department of Pathology, Pathology 711
600 N. Wolfe Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21287

Phone: 410-502-0812
Fax: 410-614-7100
Email: [email protected]